Nowadays, we all need rest.

Its quality and effectiveness is improved by healthy movement,

especially outdoors, under the sunny skies of Gran Canaria.

So let us propose an activity that is truly unique, effective and impactful

exercise with a hammock – Aerial Yoga.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to interest you in the possibility of offering your guests an unusual form of exercise that is gaining in popularity around the world. Flying yoga, apart from being spectacular, has many benefits for the body and mind – more on this below.

Aerial Yoga as a proposition will distinguish your offering and give your guests the opportunity:

– try something unique

– to take care of their well-being in an unconventional way

– to develop/continue their skills if they are already active

– to draw attention to the important aspect of taking care of movement, especially with proper focus on correct posture and breathing

– to take with them special memories and photos that are created during the classes (for the participants’ personal and commemorative purposes, if they wish)

Participants often post and tag them on social media

Aerial Yoaga Benefits:

Drifting sensory relaxation – releases the body and soothes the senses.

Easy and safe inverted positions to relieve pressure on the spine and joints.


For active people – mobility training with greater and lesser challenges.

For beginners and the less active – an opportunity to correct posture and learn about your body’s capabilities.


For everyone – an exciting confrontation with gravity, unforgettable moments and unique photos of the class as a souvenir.


My experience allows me to select exercises to provide a well-being and supportive atmosphere for both novices and practitioners of sports, including aerial yoga.


Classes can be held in intimate groups of up to 10 people (depending on location) or as personal training.

Most often, I conduct them in English (Spanish I am just learning).


Many hotels already have ready-made structures that are openwork but solid canopies for recreational spaces (relaxation areas with loungers or bars, in gardens, terraces or on rooftops). Quite a few of them can be directly adapted as frames for aerial yoga. Special hooks can also be easily and safely installed in concrete ceilings.

It is also possible to erect such a structure to provide space for various activities, including Aerial Yoga.

For my part, I can provide exercise hammocks with special attachments for the above-mentioned structures. The equipment is certified, completely mobile and does not disturb the structure of the frame or any possible hooks in concrete ceilings.

If you see potential in my proposal, I will help you to identify a space in your hotel suitable for aerial yoga classes.

This is a less convenient solution for guests, but also possible. It does not require modification of any space in the hotel.

We have two terraces in our studio with structures for Aerial Yoga and appropriate equipment.

We can set specific class times for your guests, both for group classes and individual sessions.

Guests can also join regular classes from my schedule.

We can consider a shuttle service to and from the studio for participants in our classes.

The studio is located in the Lago Maspalomas complex. ul.Kuoni 25

Forms of cooperation:


Such activities can be included in your stay package or made an extra paid service.


Option I – classes in the hotel or studio – organised specifically for your guests.

We conclude a cooperation agreement.

My fee for one hour of both group and individual classes – 60 eur.

We can settle weekly or monthly.

Settlement by bank transfer or cash.

If the classes are an extra charge attraction, you can include them in your offer, keep reservations and charge for them.


Option II – guests use our regular classes – Terms of cooperation to be agreed.

We may consider a shuttle service for class participants if held at our yoga studio – details to be agreed.

I have a registered business here on the island, number de afiliación.- 351096352828 and I invoice.

All details of the collaboration to be agreed of course. I am open to modifications.


Pricing for classes:

Sample minumun price list for guest classes, dictated by market prices:


single entry to group classes – 30 eur

personal training for one person – 100 eur

training for two persons – 120 eur

training for three persons – 150 eur

from 4 persons – group classes – single entry per person – 30 eur


Prices for this type of service may of course be higher.


About me:

Sara Damm – Polish, certified sports instructor – specialising in oriental dance, mobility and aerial yoga.

The search for body awareness and movement has always accompanied me. They can be divided into two stages. The first, connected with fashion, has been present in my life since I was a child – organising shows, preparing choreographies for them and preparing models for stage movement, designing clothes, styling and producing photo shoots. The second, initiated 16 years ago – that is the beginning of my adventure with oriental dance.

Since 2007, I have put a lot of independent work into my development…. but I have also learnt from outstanding dancers and educators such as Ansuya, Mardi Love, Isidora Bushkovsky, Autumn Ward, Morgana, Samantha Emanuel, Manca Pavli, Ashley Lopez, Anasma, Lubna Emam, Camelia, Tito, Mohamed Kazafy, Mahmud Khaled. In order to get to know and develop my body and mind better, manage stress and open up to the breath, I started practising yoga. At the same time, I took ballet, jazz, contemporary dance and anatomy classes. Then I started to take up aerial yoga.

I successfully completed the State Qualification Course for Sports Instructor, specialising in oriental dance, and the Aerial Yoga Intructor Course with Monika Lazuk (OMG Yoga- Cologne, De).

I have been willingly and passionately running classes and workshops in oriental dance, mobility, correction exercises and aerial yoga for several years. I performed on stage and judge oriental dance competitions. I am constantly working on technique and body awareness, but also on effective ways of conveying movement skills.

About Aerial Yoga:

Aerial Yoga or yoga using a hammock …

a combination of yoga and other techniques: gymnastics, dance, fitness and acrobatics.


A hammock, is a voluminous strip of material, malleable and sturdy, suspended from the ceiling. It can provide support for individual body parts during exercise, partially reduce contact with the ground or completely lift the body above the ground. All of this creates incredible opportunities to work on body awareness, strengthening, loosening and stretching.


By being able to confront the body with the forces of gravity in unusual positions and planes, it allows us to discover new possibilities for our muscles and joints. It is a great opportunity to strengthen postural muscles and decompress our spines, thanks to the ease of entering inverted positions. In addition, it provides an extraordinary sensation for our senses.


The state of suspension, of “floating” in the air, of not feeling contact with the ground, helps to soothe our distracted thoughts and deepen our state of relaxation – for all levels.



Write to me

Contact me and together we will take care of the details of Aerial Yoga classes for your hotel guests.

Let’s use the potential that already exists to create a new quality – perhaps all the elements are ready for this project.

If you have any questions, I am at your disposal.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Greetings warmly and have a good day.

Sara Damm

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