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If you want to experience an unforgettable holiday, during which, you will…:

✅ do something good for your body, mind and emotions
✅ develop your shape and fitness
✅ take care of your spine, pelvis and all your joints in an extraordinary confrontation with gravity
✅ improve body awareness and breathing
✅ relax in the sun of Gran Canaria: wide beaches, majestic mountains, contrasting landscapes and various forms of entertainment.

Here is the solution !

Yoga in a hammock and on the mat in the Canarian Outdoors.
Vacations and Workshops.

In view of the success of previous editions …
Announce another trip to Sara in Gran Canaria.

Two sessions a day, intimate groups, exploring the island, relaxing by the ocean and in the mountains.
In the current reality we all need solace. Nothing is as calming as movement and communing with nature.
Especially when movement is taken care of by #SaraInGranCanaria

All classes take place at Aliance School Yoga Maspalomas, in the south of the island.

Beginners and more advanced are welcome !!!

Do you think sport activity and challenges like this aren’t for you?

I started my adventure with sports movement and dance when I was 34 years old. At that time I couldn’t reach my hands to the floor while bending forward, but I still managed to become a dancer and a sports instructor.

Today I am fifty, I am fitter than I was in my 30s.

💪 If I could do it …so can you !!!

See how we worked in previous editions !!!

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Program of the workshop and the whole stay !

During the workshop, as always, I will take care of the comprehensive development of your bodies. 
We will start with a gentle stretching and correction movements to release tension and restore mobility to the joints. We will strengthen the core. We will devote attention to the pelvis and hip joints and legs.

We’ll work on opening up the chest, shoulders and solidify ours arms…
We will also find time to perfect the balance of the nanas on the legs and arms, the pull-ups, the flow…including elements of sun salutation – my favorite.


I will  compose the classes in such way that the exercises on the mat complement those in the hammock.
I will adjust and vary the level of difficulty to your abilities and needs that I find in your body.

In between classes there will be space to explore the island on your own or together….I have a long list of “local activities” for you –  from beachtime and sunbathing to walks and small trips, to pub-crawls and culinary delights.

There will be a Drag Show, inextricably linked to the island’s atmosphere, and a Flamenco show with live music – superbly performed.

I will take you on a trip to some enchanting place in the mountains…we will choose from several options together…and to Las Palmas, the capital of the entire Canarian archipelago.

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Man does not live by workshops alone!

See how we spent our time.

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Conditions of stay:

10 lessons (5 x aerial, 5 x mat, each 75 minutes)

Package including all activities (classes) & organizational meeting with recommendations for spending time & local attractions in my assistance – 320 eur

All classes take place at Aliance School Yoga Maspalomas

Attractions additionally paid:

* 2 tours, price from 25 to 100 eur – depending on the tour – we have a selection

* concert of gongs and Tibetan bowls 20 eur

* concert Flamenco 15 eur

* Accommodation for the whole stay, flights, transfers.

Below are my recommendations for accommodations.


13:45 15:00 – mobility on mat – we will start with breathing exercises and work on shoulder, chest mobility – while lying down, sitting and standing. This will improve posture, motor movement and mood

15:00 – 16:15 – aerial yoga – we will use skills from the previous class to activate the core and shoulder girdle, learn holds and improve balance. There will be yoga poses to improve strength and flexibility. After intensive work, we will relax the spine in inverted and relaxing positions.


13:45 – 15:00  – mobility on mat – we will develop coordination, strength and flexibility in a balanced way. We will use resistance loops to exercise. I love them. You will love it too!!!

15:00 – 16:15 – aerial yoga – we will use skills from previous classes to practice pull-ups and some inverted positions. We will work on spinal mobility and stabilization as well as shoulder girdle fitness.


17:00 – 18:15 – mobility on mat – first we will warm up solidly. We will work in pairs and not only. We will use resistance loops, in an effective and fun way to increase the range of motion in our joints.

18:30 – 19:45 – aerial yoga – we will learn the aerial version of the sun solutation. First we will learn the individual elements, put them together in a flow. There will be elements of handstand, adjusted to the abilities of participants.

20:00 – Tibetan gongs and bowls concert


09:30 – 11:45 – mobility with loops & aerial yoga couples – mixed training. Exercises inspired by acro yoga with elements of Thai massage. We will alternately use hammocks and rubber loops to mobilize our body. A very enjoyable class – fun and effective.

21:30 – Flamenco concert with dance show


mobility on mat & aerial yoga – mixed training.

10:00 – 11:30  – aerial dance basics – After a proper warm up with loops and hammocks, we will learn the basic elements of aerial dance. There will be some acrobatics, wraps, holds and inverted positions.

11:30 – 12:15 – Relaxation in the hammocks. We will learn some wonderful hammock positions to relax and unwind, soothing the body, nerves, mind and emotions. It will be amazing.

12:30 pm – Excursion to Las Palmas

Monday – all day:  excursion to a destination of your choice: Tejeda, Qui Qui or other option.

I assume that you will manage to get to the Island at least one day before the workshop. If so, on Tuesday I propose a get acquainted meeting. Course and place of the meeting – unexpected 😉.

I will suggest you walking routes, beaches to sunbathe on, evening attractions, things to see: from the scenic PANORAMA, through the temperamental FLAMENCO, to the abstract DRAG SHOW.

Maspalomas Lago Canary Saunset

  • Hotel complex with bugalows and a very nice pool where our yoga studio is located. Close to our classes, a little further to the beach,any way quite well located, parking space included.

Abora Buenaventura or Abora IFA Continental 

  • Hotels owned by LOPESAN, friendly, quite comfortable, very close to the beach, a little further for our classes but easy to get to the yoga studio. They have restaurants with good food, along with an all-inclusive option. Often my workshop participants use the above options and are very satisfied.

Of course Maspalomas offers a huge accommodation base – above – just my suggestions 🙂

Feedback from participants of previous editions!

A little something about Aerial, Mobility and Me 😊

AERIAL YOGA – or yoga with the use of hammock flying yoga … a combination of yoga and other techniques: gymnastics, dance, fitness and acrobatics. Hammock is a large strip of fabric, flexible and durable, hanging from the ceiling. It can provide support for individual body parts while performing exercises, partially reduce contact with the ground or completely lift the body above the ground. All of this creates amazing opportunities to work on body awareness, strengthening, loosening and stretching. Through the possibility of confronting the body with the forces of gravity in unusual positions and planes, allows you to discover new possibilities for our muscles and joints. It is a great opportunity to strengthen postural muscles and decompress our spines, thanks to the ease of entering inverted positions. Besides, it gives an extraordinary sensation to our senses. The state of suspension, “floating” in the air, not feeling the contact with the ground helps to soothe racing thoughts and deepen the state of relaxation – for all levels of advancement.

MOBILITY – we practice with our own body weight, at different skill levels, using simple equipment: rubber loops, yoga blocks, chairs, etc. Our goal is to evenly build strength and flexibility in proper balance, develop and maintain body fitness, correct posture, motor skills and breathing. I devote a lot of attention to corrective therapy. An extraordinary advantage of my lessons are colourful, vivid, precise descriptions explaining almost every movement; clever, original exercises and modifications of already existing ones, derived from various techniques: yoga, Pilates, calisthenics, classical dance, natural movements, physiotherapy.

SARA DAMM – that is me – fashion designer, stylist, oriental dancer, instructor of sport, oriental dance and aerial yoga, residing in Gran Canaria.

My adventure with movement began accidentally 15 years ago. At that time I was 34 years old and had a long body consisting of postural contractions and compensations typical for our civilization. Leaning forward I could not reach the floor.
It was as distant for my hands as a child’s dream of being a dancer. During my first dance lesson I appeared to be a real princess… made of wood. Even though I could only afford clumsy moves at the time, I felt better after the class. I realized how much I had separated myself from my body.
I saw this as an opportunity to change that. I took up the challenge.

Fascinated by oriental dance, I quickly discovered that the way to achieve harmony of movement and breath would require me to remove motor blocks from my body, like the facade of an Art Nouveau building intended for renovation.
Laboriously, but also with childish enthusiasm, I was building new movement and postural patterns, mobility and strength. All this to experience and express emotions in dance with an isolated and coordinated body. I analyzed, explored and repaired my movement apparatus.
I drew from yoga, Pilates, ballet, jazz … physiotherapy, rehabilitation and anatomy to give fitness to my body. It also proved to be regenerative for the mind and emotions.

I share this experience with the participants of my classes. Because of my well-delayed start as a dancer, aerial yogini and sports instructor, I know very well what an adult, more or less physically active person goes through during movement classes.
I know ways to effectively arouse the body and correct it. I understand the pains and fears that accompany beginners, but also the difficulties of eliminating incorrect habits in people who already exercise.

My many years of observation and experience allow me to understand the importance of correction and breathing, and teaching movement in accordance with correct motor skills, regardless of its type. My keen “designer” eye is also helpful, as I have been involved in fashion design and styling for over 25 years.
Despite my debut at quite an old age, I managed to make movement and dance a way of life and become professionally connected with them. That’s why, with passion and full commitment, I pass on my knowledge and skills…. I know how much can be achieved by shaping body awareness – regardless of the starting point.
Time will pass anyway, it depends on us what we fill it with.

I have successfully completed the National Qualification Course for Sports Instructor, with a specialization in oriental dance, as well as the Aerial Yoga Intructor Course with Monika Lazuk (OMG Yoga – Cologne, De), who introduced me to the world of flying.
Over the years I have trained with many outstanding movement educators, dancers – here are just a few names: Barbara Czajkowska, Agnieszka Marczak, Samantha Emanuel, Asley Lopez, Isidora Bushkovski and Anasma- Yoga-Dance-Aerial – an extremely inspiring artist and teacher.

I once found an online review of my classes:
“Sara shows precisely the different movements, explains tirelessly, pictorially and spatially what and how to move to perform the different positions or figures, motivates and jokes a lot – but still the funniest thing is that she really believes in teaching us everything she knows.”



You are very welcome!

See you in the Canaries !