Aerial Yoga with Sara in Lago Maspalomas!

Hi Guys,, if you:

✅ want to take care of your spine and posture – effectively and in an exciting way?

✅ need to get your body moving

✅ spend a lot of time sitting and feel pain in your lower back

✅ want to try for example twine and handstand in a safe way

✅ are not progressing but looking for way to improve your technique or fitness

✅ and you are here in Gran Ganaria for more or less time and you speak English (or Polish 😉 )


My name is Sara. I am an aerial yoga and dance teacher.

I would like to invite you to Lago Yoga Maspalomas, to join my regular classes.


Beginners and Advanced are Welcome !!!



16:30  – 17:45  – Aerial Yoga

18:00 – 19:15 – Bellydance


10:30 – 11:45 – Aerial Yoga


17:00  – 18:15 – Aerial Yoga

18:30  – 19:45 – Yoga Mobility on mat


contact us to reserve your spot before you come to class !


Single entry:

aerial – 20 eur

mobility – 15 eur

pockage aerial + mobility or belly – 30 eur


Special offer for regulas

50 eur for 4 classes of aerial per month

90 eur for 8 classes of aerial per month

40 eur for 4 classes of mobility/bellydance per month

The passes are valid for 30 days from the date of purchase.

Aerial Yoga - What we are going to do?

Aerial Yoga  is amazing experience with gravity. During them we take care of the core, precise technique and correction movements. We develop our mobility to create right balance between strength and flexibility.

I have an individual approach to my students and the groups are intimate.

Aerial yoga helps us to get into inverted positions to release our spine & joints, refresh brain & blood circulation. It’s also great opportunity to practice handstand and basic  aerial dance combos.

Finally we can enjoy amazing relaxation in flying hammocks.

So don’t wait …. just fly with me in Lago Yoga Maspalomas.


You are very, very welcome! 

More information:

WhatsApp ±48 501 356 705,

+ 34 651 543 740

You are very, very welcome! 

Lago Yoga Maspalomas

av. Kuoni 25, 35100 Maspalomas.



If you have a reservation, cancel it before the class.
Let’s respect each other’s time.

Mine, because of your reservation, I come to the school, prepare hammocks and instruments for you.
Others, because someone didn’t get to the class,
because you blocked the hammock in which he could practice.

24 hours before the class you can cancel your reservation at no cost.

If you do this on the day of the class or not at all, we will charge you for the class as if it had been completed.

This is a natural procedure in places where we respect each other.

You don’t want to reserve seats – come unannounced or call bepośrednio before – we may have free seats and you might just make it 🙂

Thank you

Kind regards

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My students' opinions:

See you soon in Lago Yoga Maspalomas !