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Lago Yoga Maspalomas

Practise with Sara in Lago Maspalomas!

Hi Guys!

My name is Sara. I am an aerial yoga and dance teacher and I would like to invite you to Lago Yoga Maspalomas to join my regular classes in English: aerial yoga, mobility on mat and bellydance. During them we take care of the core, precise technique and correction movements. We develop our mobility to create right balance between strength and flexibility.

Aerial yoga is is amazing experience with the gravity, helps us to get into inverted positions to release our spine & joints, refresh brain & blood circulation. It’s also great opportunity to practice handstand and basic  aerial dance.

Mobility – we practice with our own body weight, at different skill levels, using simple equipment: rubber loops, yoga blocks, chairs etc. Our goal is to build, develop and maintain body fitness, correct posture, motor skills and breathing

Bellydance or rather oriental, is a solo dance, performed mainly by women, but not only. Sources and roots of contemporary oriental dance go back to distant times…folkloric and ritual dances of Arab culture. 

So don’t wait …. just fly, move or dance  with me in Lago Yoga Maspalomas.


Tuesdays: 15:00 -16:15 – Aerial Yoga, 16:30 -17:45 – Bellydance

Fridays: 16:30-17:45 – Aerial Yoga 18:00-19:15 – Mobility on mat


single entry:

aerial – 20 eur

mobility/ bellydance – 15 eur

pockage aerial + mobility or belly – 30 eur


pass 4x aerial – 60 eur

poas 4x mobility or bellydance – 40 eur

ful pass: 160 eur

Passes valid for 30 days from the date of purchase


WhatsApp ±48 501 356 705

You are very, very welcome! 

Lago Yoga Maspalomas

av. Kuoni 25, 35100 Maspalomas.

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